Pyramid Arch, Large, Christmas Story 2 platforms, 1-tier, Natural

Pyramid Arch, Large, Christmas Story

In the glow of the candles of this modern arch pyramid from Müller Kleinkunst, the sacred story comes to life on its two floors. The lower form of rotation shows Mary and Joseph in front of the cradle of the baby Jesus. In the background are the Three Wise Men from the East with their gifts for the newborn. The shepherd, who follows the star of Bethlehem with his sheep, stands on the second movable platform. The turned figures were made from the finest woods such as amazakoe, hornbeam, sipo, zebrano, padouk, beech and maple and are on average 13 centimeters high. The successful use of natural grain and color design of the wood types mentioned creates the individual look of the figures. The animals are hand carved from soft linden wood. As with all arch pyramids of the Müller family, the two artistically curved arches at the top end in a spherical shape. The pyramid is illuminated and moved with nine pillar candles on three levels. A clear varnish is applied to the entire pyramid, which makes the noble woods appear more effective and protects them from dust and discolouration from sunlight.


  • 21x19x26 inches
  • Weight: 6.96 kg

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Pyramid Arch, Large, Christmas Story