Pyramid Christmas Story, 3-tier, Natural, Electrically Illuminated & Driven (230V 50Hz)

Pyramid Christmas Story

This three-storey Christmas pyramid in Seiffen is one of the well-known "pyramids in Seiffen" due to its structure consisting of several tapered floors. 453 individual parts were processed for the pyramid frame alone. The ring body, elaborately joined to the crown, forms the upper end of the storeys and, like the stylishly milled storey fences, which were inspired by style elements from the Dresden Zwinger, is a typical feature of the pyramids from the workshops of the Müller Kleinkunst company. Three electric candles (230V) provide festive lighting on all floors. A synchronous motor ensures an almost silent drive. The pyramid was lovingly handcrafted from a total of thirteen types of wood. While only light, native woods such as spruce, maple and hornbeam were used for the frame and the running disks, the figures consist largely of precious woods such as Sipo, Amazakoe and Zeprano. The different millings in the bodies of the average 13cm tall figures represent robes and aprons and underline their character. The hand-carved animals are made of linden wood. The figures are not glued to the pyramid for better cleaning of the pyramid.


  • 21x19x39 inches
  • Weight: 27.10 kg

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Pyramid Christmas Story